Facts of Amanda’s Case

  1. Amanda’s life was threatened with death the day she suffered anoxic brain death per 2 witnesses. She was told according to witnesses that she had to be out of the house by 7:00 pm.
  2. There was a documented history of choking by Brayan as a form of abuse and control.
  3. Amanda used next door neighbor’s phone at 5:15 to call her friend Amber to be picked up. She was supposed to call her friend back that night for pick up time.
  4. Amanda had at least 3 bags packed with clothing and personal items. One bag was downstairs by the front door.
  5. There was NO suicide note.
  6. The “Fist-print” bruise on chest was from an assault on May 10, 2015.
  7. Amanda’s blood alcohol was tested in the ER, at least an hour after she was found, and it’s reported at 382 (0.382).
  8. Amanda’s liver and kidneys was healthy enough for organ donation.
  9. Amanda had no physical brain changes per autopsy associated with chronic alcoholism.
  10. Brayan Espana had two outstanding warrants: one for domestic violence charge on 8/28/2014 and one for failure to appear & bail jumping.
  11. Brayan has a 10 year long police record in Grayson County alone. Charges from traffic violations, driving intoxicated, escape from custody and family violence.
  12. Brayan clocked out of work at STARR Aircraft at 5:09 on 05/14/2015.
  13. Brayan and housemate both reported Brayan getting home around 6:00 pm to responding officers. That gave him over an hour in the apartment with her.
  14. Brayan claims when he found Amanda, she was sitting on her knees, not suspended, leaning into an electrical cord.
  15. There were no knots tied around Amanda’s neck, only the two ends loosely tied at two different points on a clothes rod.
  16. Brayan claims he “broke” an electrical cord with his hands. States he couldn’t find anything to cut it with, yet the box cutter was in the room. It appears the cord had been cut, not ripped.
  17. Brayan was only interviewed once, which was at the scene by Detective Jones and it was an audio recording. Other witnesses at scene were video-taped statements and were interviewed also at a later date by Detective Jones. He was questioned by two other officers that night.
  18. Brayan’s audio statement states that on 5/14, he left work, stopped at the gas station, and then drove straight home. That’s not reflected accurately in Detective Jones report, as he adds an additional stop to Brayan’s statement.
  19. Brayan left the house they lived in on 5/17/2015 per next door neighbor, and left behind the following: baskets of clean and dirty clothes, shoes, toiletries, various false immigration documents, computer, phone SD cards, photo albums, family photos and letters from Guatemala, Bible, television, gaming system, and furniture. He never returned to that residence.
  20. Brayan disconnected his phone on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 even though the bill had been paid on 5/14/2015.
  21. Brayan never reported back to work after May 15, 2015 to STARR Aircraft.
  22. Responding officer was acquaintance and knew about the warrant and past history between Brayan and Amanda. He asked for detective to look into case. Detective denied knowing about outstanding warrant and history, stating Sherman PD records do not cross over to Grayson County Records.
  23. Detective Jones refused to come back to the hospital to see Amanda after she was admitted to ICU until she was removed from life support 6 days later to follow up on our concerns. We had to meet with him at Sherman PD.
  24. Justice of the Peace told me and the attending ICU physician that there would be no autopsy because of her “past history”. We had to fight for an autopsy to be done. The law protects Amanda and it was her right to have the autopsy based on the circumstances of her death.
  25. There were no photos or videos of Brayan taken when he gave his statement; Detective Jones reassured us Brayan was photographed to show there were no wounds inflicted by Amanda. They don’t exist in the file CD’s obtained by Sherman PD.
  26. Detective alleges overnight bag downstairs by front door was her “lunch bag”. States he spoke with HR director and confirmed – not true. The audio interview with HR director does not reflect that question and answer. She also denies him asking her about a bag she brought to work every day. It contained personal items-hair products, make up, Bible, lotion, kids pictures, blow dryer, and wallet. Debit card was missing.
  27. Autopsy performed 5/21/2015 at 10:00 am. We spoke to Dr. Urban on 5/22/2015 at 12:00 pm to discuss her ruling of suicide. She stated she was not aware of domestic violence history, threats made by Brayan, no crime scene photos, no initial photos of Amanda taken by police 7 days prior, no ligature, no report related to how she was found from Sherman Police Department, blood work (blood alcohol level), EMS report, hospital records; only white female possible suicide by hanging. We sent all the photos we took 2 days after she was in ICU and photos the day she was taken off life support. She reported she received them on 5/23/2015 at 6:43 am. In Detective Jones report, he states he spoke to Dr. Urban at 1445 on 5/21/2015 (almost 5 hours after autopsy), yet we spoke to her on 5/22/2015 and she denies knowing anything.
  28. There were multiple marks, with varying degrees of intensity and levels, as well as deep muscle contusions and abrasions at the lower level of her neck, completely encircling the base. Marks going downward, upward, and straight across. This is not consistent with what Brayan and the police say happened. The trauma noted to her neck was done with so much force, how could it have been done by “leaning” into a ligature?
  29. In the initial copy of the open file I received inadvertently (case not closed yet) in September of 2015, Detective Jones report with the printed date of 09/15/2015, has the final sentence on his report as, “This case will now be exceptionally cleared as a suicide”. I requested another copy of the records on March 29, 2016, and a certified letter was sent to the State Attorney General on April 8, 2016 in regards to me requesting an open file, and that it should not be released to me because of “pending criminal investigation. The premature release of the information could interfere with criminal prosecution of that case.” I was then sent a letter from the State Attorney General denying me access to Amanda’s file. It was not officially closed until May 2016. Why did it take 1 year?
  30. We met with someone from the District Attorney’s office and the Sheriff’s office, as well as the Assistant Chief of Police, which none agreed that this case needed further attention based on the fact they were unwilling to help us. It is apparent they stand behind the investigation done by Detective Jeff Jones and the autopsy performed by Dr. Jill Urban.
  31. I am currently waiting for a return phone call from the new Chief of Police at the Sherman Police Department to schedule a meeting to discuss her case that I requested on 1/5/2017.