Someone recently asked me some thought provoking questions about Amanda’s case. What if nothing gets changed? What if the police and medical examiner get the final word on the outcome? What do you want to happen in telling your story?

Honestly, I don’t know. When I started writing her story in May 2016, I wanted someone in the “law” world to say that there were enough circumstances, witnesses, and unanswered questions to warrant another look at her case as something other than suicide. I also did not want her death certificate to read “suicide by hanging” if in fact someone took her life. I did not want that to be her legacy.

Recently, I have removed all expectations, I don’t have an outcome in mind. I have given up control of where this story ends. All I can do right now is tell her story by pouring out my heartfelt words on this Facebook page and blog site. God is in complete control of the outcome, and justice is in his hands. By releasing my control, I have had so much more freedom and peace to speak from my heart and gut.

From the moments I found out that Amanda’s life had been threatened with murder, heard the ridiculous story Brayan told about the evening of May 14, and learned of the police department’s position on her death, I have tried to be her voice. I will continue to be her advocate until we are heard and her death gets a fair, proper investigation. I will continue to gather information, research, and write until someone listens. If we would have accepted the detectives initial report findings, her case would have died on that table during our meeting on May 18, 2015. I’m not going to let what has been ruled as a suicide slide by until we get the answers we deserve about the events surrounding her brain injury and death.

The detective was called in on Amanda’s case because we had recently talked to the officer, who responded to the 9-1-1 call, in social settings about her situation and asked him for help on getting Brayan picked up on his outstanding warrants. Our involvement to help her started way before May 14. It is noted numerous times in the detective’s report of our concerns for Amanda. We were told more than once that we just could not accept she committed suicide.

In his report, he has noted the following statements about our concerns and persistence  of wanting answers on Amanda’s behalf:

  • “On 5/16/15, I started receiving emails that Kim and Justin Mullins wanted to talk to me and believed that Amanda’s suicide was a homicide.”
  • “On 5/17/15, I came to the Sherman Police Department and made some follow-up calls. I spoke with Kim Mullins and she advised that she believed that Espana may have killed Amanda….”
  • I gave him names and phone numbers of witnesses that claimed to know that Brayan threatened to kill Amanda on 5/14 if she was not out of the house by 7:00 pm. Each person gave a statement to the detective.
  • “On 5/19/15, I met with Kim and Justin Mullens at the Sherman Police Department. They advised they had additional information as to what occurred at 1200 E. Lamar.”
  • On 5/28/16, we met with the detective again. “…at 0900 hours, I met with Justin and Kim again at their request. They advised that they are not accepting the ruling as a suicide and wanted me to change the investigation to a homicide.” Actually we asked why with all the circumstances around the event that this could not be even be considered a homicide?
  • “They advised that based on that they did not feel that I had conducted a proper investigation and would be pursuing other avenues to assure the case was investigated properly.”
  • “Kim advised that she was unable to accept my investigation and believes Brayan killed Amanda and covered it up…..”
  • “I later received emails from Kim and Justin challenging what I had told them and questioning pieces of evidence that they were made aware of in the meeting.”

There were a few times he exaggerated my pleas of looking at it more than a suicide. In my heart I feel like Brayan did this to her, but never asked for the ruling to be changed to homicide, only to be investigated as a possible homicide. We don’t feel her case was treated fairly, and there is no one else that cares for her as much as Justin and me; therefore, it is our responsibility to be her voice and her advocate.

I am hearing of similar cases being handled this way. So if my story just helps one other person become brave enough to step out and get justice, then I will be satisfied. If something doesn’t make sense or there are legitimate questions, don’t be afraid to ask! God knows the end of my story, and he has placed a deep desire in my heart to share it through writing.

“This is God’s Message: Attend to matters of justice. Set things right between people. Rescue victims from their exploiters. Don’t take advantage of the homeless, the orphans, the widows. Stop the murdering!”  Jeremiah 22:3

Thank you for reading and sharing The Pain of Injustice.