August 23, 2016

Domestic violence incidents, reports, and references were made over 44 times in the detective’s 11 page report. Numerous people came forward with story after story of violence and abuse by Brayan, an illegal immigrant that Amanda lived with. She lived in fear and terror no matter if she stayed or left him; there were threats to kill her multiple times if she left him, if she didn’t come back after she left him, or if she didn’t leave him, which is the case on the night she suffered anoxic brain death. He had so much control over her life that she lost any sight of the person she was.

Below are some examples that were reported to the detective days after the incident concerning Brayan threatening to kill Amanda. This does not include the abuse she endured, only threats of murder in months leading up to her death:

“Brinlee told her (me) that Amanda called her to tell her that if she was not out of the house by 1900 that Espana was going to kill her”

“Amanda told Brinlee that Espana put his hands around her neck one too many times. He told her to be out of the house by 7. I’m tired and I can’t take this any longer. If he chokes me again, he will probably kill me.”

“Brinlee says that Amanda called her at 1715 hours saying that she was scared for her life and needed to get out of (t)he house by 7. She said she was scared to death that Brayan would choke and kill her because he had been choking her a lot lately and if he did it again, he would not let go.”

“She (Maranda) said about 6 months ago Amanda called her asking her to come get her because Brayan was abusive.” “She said Amanda told her that Brayan was going to kill her and would not let her out of the house.”

“When Williams told Amanda to call the police, Amanda told her that she did not want to call the police because Brayan would kill her or get someone to.”

“She said after a few weeks, Amanda begged her to take her back to Brayan. Williams told her that she needed to stay with her. Amanda then told her that Brayan called and told her that he would kill her if she did not come back.”

“Amanda told Williams that she was afraid that Brayan would also kill Williams and her family if she stayed with her.” This included my sister Vivian’s children because Maranda was their step mom.

“(co-worker) said that Amanda told her that she felt trapped and could not leave Brayan and that Amanda told her that Brayan told her ‘I’ll kill you and get away with it and I’ll chop you up like your mom and sister were’”.

The detective’s attitude toward the violence is disturbing. He knew all of the above information before Amanda actually passed away. We also have reason to believe he had been made aware of the outstanding warrant for domestic violence. A couple statements from his report reflect his attitude toward the abuse Amanda endured:

“Numerous assaults by Brayan in which only one of them was reported to the police on 05/25/2014. This was only due to an officer driving up as they were arguing in the street”. The officer observed Brayan assaulting her and he was arrested. They advised Amanda to go to the hospital because of her severe injuries but she refused because she was scared of Brayan and the repercussions of law enforcement getting involved. His point of “this is the only one” and because “an officer driving up” makes me so angry.

“I asked him (Dustin) why none of this had been reported to the police and he advised that Amanda did not want the police contacted.” Do you think detective that is because in the first 8 pages of your report she had been threatened with murder over 8 times? That her contacting the police for help could result in her or her family being murdered! Of course he didn’t have an answer to that when we asked him!

Again, why couldn’t this death be considered as something other than suicide? That is the only question I want answered. I don’t understand the detective’s reasoning that “there are no indications of homicide”. What does it take for homicide to be a possibility? That is the question I asked the detective, a Sherman police officer, medical examiner’s office, DA’s office, and the assistant chief of police. Also, what was the purpose of the press conference called in May of this year concerning Domestic Violence and Homicide by Sherman PD and the District Attorney’s office? Didn’t it address situations such as Amanda’s? Statements were made that everything would be done to deal with domestic violence. Just wondering where’s Amanda’s justice?

Thank you for reading, liking, commenting and sharing Amanda’s story of injustice!