August 9, 2016

Today’s post is a continuation of yesterday. It reflects back on the August 3rd and 4th posts, highlighting some inconsistent recall of events. These differences only compounded what we already felt wasn’t right prior to receiving the open record’s file.

The timeline is important. It only takes 3-4 minutes for brain injury to occur, and 5 minutes without oxygen for brain death. Amanda suffered anoxic brain death. Five minutes with this man is sufficient time to cause brain death and her heart to stop beating. If Brayan’s story is even close to his recall, is it possible for her to even have pulseless electrical activity and EMT’s able to restart her heart? Is that possible that she could have been revived if she had been there 30 plus minutes without medical care? Shouldn’t there be marks and wounds to the upper part of her neck if she was there that long, not just along the bottom of the neck? I am seeking answers from experts on my own for the medical and forensic questions.

Following are the events restated from August 4th post from the time Brayan walked upstairs to calling 9-1-1, which continue to be different between actual interview and what was written in detective’s report.

  • Brayan’s interview with Off Aviles:
    • Brayan went upstairs, looked around the room, looked in the closet-did not see
    • Short time later he checked the closet again (how long is “short time”)
    • Saw Amanda sitting on the ground
    • Black electrical cord tied around her neck (was not tied)
    • Brayan removed the cord from neck
    • Left to get his house mate to help
  • Brayan’s interview with Off. Dutton
    • He carried the bag upstairs looking for her
    • Checked the closet and bathroom but did not find her (there were very few clothes hanging on that side because she packed most of her things to leave)
    • He went back downstairs calling her name but did not locate her
    • Went back upstairs & looked again in the closet.
    • Noticed her feet sticking out from the clothing on left hand side of the closet.
    • Realized she was hanging from the neck on the clothing rod (sitting on her knees is not hanging)
    • He grabbed the wire she was hanging from and moved her to the floor
    • Stated her hand and fingers moved
    • Began CPR, and at one point, Amanda gasped
    • He alerted house mate downstairs, who was downstairs, and house mate called 911 (call received by Sherman dispatch at 1916 by house mate)
  • Brayan’s audio interview with Detective on 05/14/2015
    • Saw hairdressing bag downstairs
    • Looked in room, bathroom, shower and closet and called for Amanda but didn’t see her (they lived in a one room apartment)
    • Walked back to the door, then went back to the closet to take off shirt
    • Saw her feet
    • Grabbed cord and “pulled it down” first thing. Didn’t look for something to cut it with, just “pulled it down”
    • Started pushing “neck”, mean upper chest, pushing hard (he said he pushed her neck, but quickly said upper chest)
    • Stated she moved her arm, still alive, blew air in lungs, opened and closed eyes
    • Started screaming for help
    • Went to get neighbor downstairs, met him because he was on his way upstairs already
    • Yelled to call 9-1-1 she hung herself
    • Told him to call 9-1-1, house mate asked for Brayan’s phone
  • Brayan’s interview notes (what was written in detectives’s report from audio interview on 5/14/15)
    • He went upstairs.
    • Did not see her
    • He called her name and she did not reply
    • He checked the bathroom and the closet and walked out of the room.
    • He came back in and took his shirt off to throw in the dirty clothes in the closet
    • He noticed Amanda’s feet sticking out from the wall between the clothes on the left side. (again very few clothes to conceal her during his first search)
    • He called her name and asked why she was in the closet. She did not answer him.
    • He noticed that she was hanging from a cord that was tied to the closet rod and wrapped around her neck (twisted once, not multiple times. It was only 5 feet long)
    • Stated that she was facing the wall on her knees
    • He lifted her up and pulled the cord apart.
    • He laid her on the floor
    • He started banging on the floor trying to get house mate’s attention. (said earlier he left the room and went downstairs)
    • He stated that when he took her down, she moved her arm and gasped
    • He started yelling for help and walked to the door
    • House mate came in with him and they started CPR for 15-20 minutes before dialing 911
  • House mates interview with Off. Aviles
    • Approximately 1800 (6:00pm) he heard Brayan come inside the residence and go upstairs
    • Heard Brayan calling Amanda’s name, then heard OMG.
    • House mate opened his door and saw Brayan standing outside his door.(Brayan stated at times that he yelled for him at the top of the stairs)
    • House mate followed Brayan upstairs and saw Amanda was laying in the closet unconscious
  • House mate’s audio/phone interview with detective on May 17, 2015
    • Heard Brayan yelling for Amanda, then heard OMG.
    • 5 minutes-maybe 10 minutes he came running downstairs and knocking on my door and said she had hung herself and he needed help.
    • Both went upstairs and did CPR 15-20 minutes before calling 911
    • Called 911 from Brayan’s phone and house mate talked to them
    • Wasn’t hanging when he got there, said Brayan had pulled the cord down with his hands to get her down
  • House mate’s audio/phone interview (Detective’s notes in his report from phone interview)
    • They talked for a few minutes then Espana went upstairs
    • He heard Espana calling Amanda’s name
    • Within 5-10 minutes, he heard Espana screaming “oh my God” repeatedly
    • He said Espana came to the door and yelled for help
    • House mate said that he went upstairs
    • Saw Amanda on her back in the closet (with her feet and knees close to the wall)
    • He checked her and she was cold and no pulse (stated earlier she was moving and opened her eyes)
    • He and Espana attempted CPR on her for 10-15 minutes before calling 911
    • Tried to tell Espana it wasn’t doing any good, but he continued to try CPR
    • Espana then dialed 911 and handed him the phone to talk to dispatcher

Times matter, especially when there is a history of domestic violence and a threat of murder. Did the housemate help take Amanda down like he told me and a neighbor or did Brayan do it alone? Did the house mate help with CPR or not? Did Brayan beat on the floor to get his attention or walk downstairs and knock on his door and ask for help? Was Amanda awake and moving, or cold and dead?

What is known for sure is:

  • that the closet had very few clothes hanging to conceal her during his search when he got home
  • that he broke an electrical cord with his bare hands. Who has that physical strength? The box cutter was in the room with him, next to the iron
  • the ligature marks and bruising were low and encircled her entire neck
  • the two loose ends of the cord were tied loosely to the rod, with no additional knots along the cord to cause constriction

We have so many questions, and just want answers. No one is willing to sit down and give explanations.

Thank you for reading, liking, commenting and sharing Amanda’s story of injustice.