August 8, 2016

Today’s post reflects back on August 3 & August 4th. The two previous posts concentrated on what was reported and written by officers and detective about the house mate and Brayan’s account of May 14, 2015. The following are a few questions we had after getting copies of the open record, and for the assistant chief of police when we met in September 2015:

  1. The corporal that was also an acquaintance of ours, called the detective because he knew us and the history of domestic violence between them. The corporal was aware of the active warrant for domestic violence, why wouldn’t he disclose this to the detective? He claimed that he had no knowledge of the warrant, and that his records did not show a warrant and don’t cross over with the county? Really? That’s definitely QI issue!
  2. Why did Brayan’s arrival time change from getting home at 6:00 pm as reported to responding officers’ to 7:00 pm when he talked to detective later that evening? Did he need to account for the extra hour he had with Amanda to cover himself? Wouldn’t you have an awareness that you had only been home 15 minutes versus 1 hour and 15 minutes? Brayan changed his story during the audio interview with the detective. He was allowed to look at his phone during the interview to see what time he called 9-1-1, which was 7:14 pm.
  3. Why is the audio information different from the written report by detective? Following is from the interview done on May 14, 2015
    • Detective asked him to go step by step leading up to incident
      • Audio – Got off work, stopped by gas station, tried to use debit card but declined cash, got on 75 South to Lamar St, then home, walked into back door, neighbor downstairs, talked about 5-7 minutes, saw Amanda’s hairdressing bag downstairs and wondered why it was there. (It’s important to remember he clocked out of work at 5:09pm. Getting home at 6:00pm makes more sense than 7:00 as reported by detective)
      • Written by detective – “He got off work and hung out with some friends. He later stopped at Valero at US 75 and US 82 and purchased some beer. He came home and was drinking out back of the house with (house mate) at about 1900. He stayed outside for about 5 minutes as (house mate) was trying to sell him furniture. He then went upstairs.
        • *Brayan never mentioned that he hung out with friends, what gas station (that I can tell from audio), that he bought beer (that I can tell from audio). From house mate’s report below, he wasn’t sure they talked or hung out when Brayan got home, he initially said that as far as he knew, Brayan went straight into the house (see #5)
  4. The house mate also reported he came home around 6:00 pm to the responding officers. The detective wrote in his report that the responding officer told him Brayan got home around 6:00 pm (later to be determined 7:00 pm).
  5. The phone interview the detective had with the house mate on May 17, 2016 reveals the following discrepancies when asked about times and sequence of events:
    • Question: What time did you get home from work?
      • Audio of what he said – Got home around 5:30-6
      • Written by detective – “he came home between 1830-1900” (6:30-7:00)
        • That’s an hour difference
    • Question: What time did Brayan get home?
      • Audio of what he said – shortly after me
      • Written in report – basically around the same time. He had walked upstairs after he saw Amanda’s bag downstairs. Door was closed, so he went back downstairs and that’s when Brayan arrived home.
    • Question: Did he go straight into the house?
      • Audio – “As far as I know he did. I’m sure he did.” Detective mentioned that Brayan said “ya’ll might have set out back and drank a little bit, do you remember that? House mate’s response, “Umm, we talk all the time, maybe we did, I don’t really remember.”
      • Written in report – “They talked for a few minutes then Espana went upstairs.”

These are our questions from when Brayan got off work until he went upstairs. I want to say that I don’t believe that the house mate has anything to do with Amanda’s injuries/death, but suspect he was told what to say, and did not want to be involved. The house mate told me and a neighbor a completely different story, which I have audio. He was scared when I talked to him both times, and did not want to be involved any further. All the difference should raise some concerns in my opinion.

I often wonder why Brayan would have wanted to stage Amanda’s death (if he did, I’m no expert). Wouldn’t it have been easier to get in his car, drive away and disappear since he was illegal? That’s what he did whenever family and friends started to suspect he may have been involved. Maybe he wasn’t aware that she had reached out to so many that day, telling at least two people that he threatened to kill her and how she feared for her life if she wasn’t gone by 7:00 pm. Maybe for that one hour, they sat drinking together, arguing, her hoping if she could just drink enough and pass out he wouldn’t make her leave, buying her time to have everything together when Amber came the next day. I don’t think he knew that others knew of his evil intentions that night.

In a future post, I will address the discrepancies in sequence of events from when he walked upstairs until he called 9-1-1.

Thank you for reading, commenting, liking and sharing Amanda’s story of injustice