Open Record: Detective’s report breakdown – Part 2

Yesterdays post restated the responding officers’ reports from the open record file. Their interviews with witnesses happened immediately after the incident. Today’s post is a summary of the leading detectives report concerning what the responding officers told him when he arrived on scene at 08:06 pm, what he put in his report after audio interviews with the two eye witnesses, and actually what the witnesses said during interviews after I listened to the recordings.

  • Lead detective written report – arrived on scene at 2006 (8:06 pm)
    • Report to detective received from Off Aviles (see August 3 post about actual witness interviews by responding officers compared to what detective wrote in his report)
      •  Brayan’s account
        1. Espana told him that he came home at about 1700 (later found to be 1900)
        2. Could not find Amanda
        3. He called her name, but she did not answer
        4. He checked the apartment and when he opened the closet door, he saw Amanda’s feet sticking out from the wall
        5. He noticed that she was hanging from the closet rod by a cord
        6. He took her down and called for help
      • House mate’s account
        1. House mate got home around 1700 (later found to be 1900)
        2. Saw Amanda’s bag sitting in the common room downstairs
        3. He went upstairs looking for her but the door was closed
        4. He returned downstairs
        5. He heard Espana come home about 1800 (later found to be 1900)
        6. Short time later he heard Espana calling for help
        7. He went upstairs and helped Espana perform CPR on Pierce who was in the closet floor
    • Detective’s written report from his audio interview with Brayan Espana on 05/14/2016, his only interview — (asked to start from day before, Wednesday)
      • Worked at Staar Aircraft and returned home Wednesday
      • Went to bed Wednesday night and Amanda did not want to go to bed with him.
      • She remained on the couch, drinking
      • He woke up at 4:00 am and tried to get her to go to bed, but she did not.
      • When he got up for work at about 6:00 am, he tried to wake Amanda up to go to work. She told him she did not feel like going to work and she was staying home.
      • When he walked out the door for work, Amanda yelled his name twice and he came back into the room.
      • She asked him if he had his lunch and he said he would get something later. She told him to have a good day and he left.
      • He got off work and hung out with some friends.
      • Later stopped at the Valero at US 75 and US 82 and purchased some beer.
      • He came home and was drinking out back of the house with house mate at about 1900.
      • He stayed outside for about 5 minutes as house mate was trying to sell him some furniture.
      • He went upstairs.
      • He noticed Amanda had not cleaned up the house as she usually does and did not see her
      • He called her name and she did not reply
      • He checked the bathroom and the closet and walked out of the room.
      • He came back in and took his shirt off to throw in the dirty clothes in the closet
      • He noticed Amanda’s feet sticking out from the wall between the clothes on the left side.
      • He called her name and asked why she was in the closet. She did not answer him.
      • He noticed that she was hanging from a cord that was tied to the closet rod and wrapped around her neck
      • Stated that she was facing the wall on her knees
      • He lifted her up and pulled the cord apart. (apparently broke electrical cord with his bare hands)
      • He laid her on the floor
      • He started banging on the floor trying to get house mate’s attention.
      • He stated that when he took her down, she moved her arm and gasped
      • He started yelling for help and walked to the door
      • House mate came in with him and they started CPR for 15-20 minutes before dialing 911
    • Actual audio statement by Brayan to lead detective (Recording available)
      • Left house at 6:30 am
      • Went to pay phone bill at lunch on Texoma Parkway
      • When asked what time did you get home? Brayan asked what time did I call 9-1-1. Allowed to look at his phone then states about 7, 6:55.
      • Off work (didn’t say what time he got off) –statement from STAAR aircraft states he worked from 0652-1709 and did not take a lunch even though he stated he left and paid phone bill at lunch
      • Stopped by the gas station
      • Got on 75 South to Lamar St
      • Got home and parked in back
      • Talked to house mate downstairs for about 5-7 min about doctor appointment, pills, expensive dentist, selling furniture.
      • Went into house mate’s room to look at couch for sale.
      • Saw hairdressing bag downstairs — Amanda’s overnight bag is the bag in question. It is one that she used when she worked as a hairdresser. It is the one that the detective claims is her lunch bag.
      • Mentioned he was going to stop by Lowe’s but decided not to
      • Looked in room, bathroom, shower and closet and called for Amanda but didn’t see her
      • Walked back to the door
      • Went back to the closet to take off shirt
      • Saw her feet
      • Grabbed cord and “pulled it down” first thing. Didn’t look for something to cut it with, just “pulled it down”
      • Started pushing “neck”, mean upper chest, pushing hard.
      • Stated she moved her arm, still alive, blew air in lungs, opened and closed eyes.
      • Started screaming for help
      • Went to get neighbor downstairs, met him because he was on his way upstairs already
      • Yelled to call 9-1-1 she hung herself.
      • Told him to call 9-1-1, house mate asked for Brayan’s phone.He found her on her knees facing the wall. House mate said she felt cold.
      • Said she didn’t leave a note.
  • Lead detective’s 5/17/15 written report from phone interview with house mate
    • House mate got off work at 1700 (5:00 pm) from Starr Aircraft and went to Bonham
    • He got home between 1830 and 1900 (6:30-7:00 pm)
    • He saw Amanda’s bag near the door
    • He walked upstairs and the door was closed to her room
    • He went back downstairs and Espana arrived home
    • They talked for a few minutes then Espana went upstairs
    • He heard Espana calling Amanda’s name
    • Within 5-10 minutes, he heard Espana screaming “oh my God” repeatedly
    • He said Espana came to the door and yelled for help
    • House mate said that he went upstairs
    • Saw Amanda on her back in the closet (with her feet and knees close to the wall)
    • He checked her and she was cold and no pulse
    • He and Espana attempted CPR on her for 10-15 minutes before calling 911
    • Tried to tell Espana it wasn’t doing any good, but he continued to try CPR
    • Espana then dialed 911 and handed him the phone to talk to dispatcher
  • Lead detective 5/17/15 actual audio phone interview with house mate
    • Got home around 5:30-6:00
    • Brayan got home shortly after
    • As far as he knew, Brayan went straight into house. After detective told him what Brayan said about sitting outside drinking a beer and talking, house mate said they talked all the time, maybe they did that day, he didn’t really remember.
    • Heard Brayan yelling for Amanda, then heard OMG.
    • 5 minutes-maybe 10 minutes he came running downstairs and knocking on my door and said she had hung herself and he needed help.
    • Both went upstairs and did CPR 15-20 minutes before calling 911.
    • Called 911 from Brayan’s phone and house mate talked to them.
    • Wasn’t hanging when he got there, said Brayan had pulled the cord down with his hands to get her down.

Times and sequence of events are inconsistent from interview to report, audio to written. He either had an hour and 15 minutes at home with her, or he had 15 minutes at home. If he had 15 minutes at home, did he have time to talk to his house mate, drink a beer with him, talk about furniture for sale, do his extensive search for her, find her, break an electrical cord with his bare hands, yell for help, do CPR for 10-15 min, and then call 911 by 0716? This does not even line up with the ridiculous, theatrical story he told me that I also audio recorded; as well as a conflicting story the house mate shared with me and the next door neighbor.

Details are important, exact times do matter, or at least a 15 minute time span versus over an hour! That is my opinionI know that no human being is perfect, and adrenaline can cause weird things to happen, but come on, is what he claims even feasible? Can this not be looked at as something other than suicide?  Is the detective trying to make his theory fit? I welcome feedback and comments.

Thank you for reading, liking, commenting, and sharing Amanda’s story of injustice!