Open record detective report breakdown (Part 1)

The next several posts will address our concerns about the lead detectives report we received in September 2015. Concerns with inconsistent witness accounts, false statements made by the detective in his report compared to witnesses actual recorded testimonies and statements, fabrication of sequence of events, impossibility of Brayan’s actions when he found Amanda, and dismissal of family and friend’s concerns about Brayan’s involvement

I realize I have probably beat some of these points to death, but I’m hoping to go into each report and show how many inconsistent statements were made about what happened on May 14, 2015 to demonstrate our legitimate concerns and reasons why we want this case reopened and properly investigated. All these points and concerns were brought up in meetings with Sherman PD. During our last meeting with the lead detective, we asked him about Brayan’s inconsistent recall of exactly what happened that night and his response to that concern was basically this was a stressful event for Brayan, and exact details are hard to recall in these types of situations. From interview to interview that night, event sequence is not the same between Brayan and house mate.

Following is the responding officer’s report summaries of the sequence of events from witness’ interviews immediately after the incident on May 14, 2015:

* (note: I am not using some witness’ names at this time because I do ot have their permission)

  • Officer Aviles Written Report
    • Brayan’s interview
      • Brayan returned home at 1800 (6:00pm)
      • Noticed Amanda’s pink bag downstairs next to front door
      • Brayan went upstairs to see if Amanda was still there. He looked around the room, looked in the closet-did not see
      • Short time later he checked the closet again (how long is “short time”)
      • Saw Amanda sitting on the ground
      • Black electrical cord tied around her neck
      • Brayan removed the cord from neck
      • Left to get his roommate to help
    • House mate interview
      • House mate returned home at 1700 (5:00pm)
      • Saw Amanda’s pink bag next to couch
      • Walked upstairs and saw Amanda’s door closed
      • Returned back downstairs to his room
      • Approximately 1800 (6:00pm) he heard Brayan come inside the residence and go upstairs
      • Heard Brayan calling Amanda’s name, then heard OMG.
      • (House mate) opened his door and saw Brayan standing outside his door.
      • (House mate) followed Brayan upstairs and saw Amanda was laying in the closet unconscious
      • (House mate) left and called 911
    • Next Door Neighbor
      • Amanda came over to use her cell phone at 1715
      • Overheard Amanda say “You need to come and get me, I need to be out of this house by seven tonight”
      • Noticed bruises on Amanda’s chest and asked about it. Amanda said “I was used as a punching bag a couple of days ago.”
      • Amanda returned to her residence.
  • Officer Dutton’s report
    • Brayan Espana
      • Last spoke to Amanda the morning of 5/14/2015 BEFORE he left for work
      • Not been arguing and as far as he knew she appeared alright
      • Arrived home from work sometime after 1800 (6:00pm)
      • Noticed her bag “she takes to work every day, on the couch in the downstairs living room”
      • He carried the bag upstairs looking for her
      • Checked the closet and bathroom but did not find her
      • He went back downstairs calling her name but did not locate her
      • Went back upstairs & looked again in the closet.
      • Noticed her feet sticking out from the clothing on left hand side of the closet.
      • Realized she was hanging from the neck on the clothing rod
      • He grabbed the wire she was hanging from and moved her to the floor
      • Stated her hand and fingers moved
      • Began CPR, and at one point, Amanda gasped
      • He alerted (house mate) downstairs, who was downstairs, and (house mate) called 911 (call received by Sherman dispatch at 1916 by house mate)

Next posts will go into how the lead detective recorded these initial reports into his written statement, and also his interviews with the same people.

Thank you for reading, commenting, liking, and sharing Amanda’s story of injustice.