Wednesday May 20, 2015
After the meeting with the detective on May 19, I left there frustrated and a little relieved. Knowing that everyone finally agreed to an autopsy, I was praying that was the edge we needed to convince the police there was foul play. The ligature and wounds did not match up with Brayan’s account and the ME should be able to prove that point. 
We started the process of organ donation knowing there was no chance of survival for Amanda off life support. The harvest team from Southwest and ICU staff at Wilson N. Jones Hospital were amazing as they diligently prepared her organs and tissue for donation. 
She still looked like she was sleeping and resting peacefully. I was so exhausted from trying to convince the police to just look into Brayan’s changing, ridiculous story; and also from calling people in to say goodbye before the organ harvest. I am the last surviving adult family member and my fear was that I would forget to tell someone and not give them an opportunity. I still had to say my own goodbyes…. I feel so blessed that I did have 7 days with her in ICU, but it will never be enough. 
Maranda, a family friend and one of the witnesses to the abuse came to the hospital to see Amanda. She told me a terrifying story that might be one of the reasons she felt she could not leave Brayan. I immediately contacted the detective. 
This is her statement from his report that he took from her:
“At 1555 hours, I spoke to Miranda Williams. I was given her name by Kim Mullens. Kim advised that Williams is a long time friend of Amanda and knew her history. I asked Williams to tell me what she knew about the incident. Williams said that she did not know anything specifically about this incident but knew the history between Amanda and Brayan. She said that she has known Amanda for several years and knew that she had started seeing Brayan about 8 months ago. She said about 6 months ago Amanda called her asking her to come get her because Brayan was abusive. She said that she and others drove to Sherman and loaded all of Amanda’s belongings and moved her to Durant. She said Amanda told her Brayan was going to kill her and would not let her out of the house. Amanda claimed that Brayan had been beating her. She said I don’t have a place to go, hurry up.”
“Williams said that when they arrived, Brayan was gone, but returned while they were there. He waited in the car until they left with Amanda. Williams said that when Amanda got to her house she took her into the bathroom and showed her bruises on her legs and vaginal area. Amanda claimed that she, Brayan and some other Hispanic males were drinking and she got really drunk and passed out. When she awoke she had a needle mark in her arm and was sore in her genital area. She told Williams that she believed that Brayan gave her some drugs. She also advised that Amanda told her that Brayan has stepped on her chest in the past.”

“When Williams told Amanda to call the police, Amanda told her that she did not want to call the police because Brayan would kill her or get someone to. Williams told Amanda that she could stay with her and she was safe but Amanda told her no. She said that after a few weeks, Amanda begged her to take her back to Brayan. Williams told her that she needed to stay with her. Amanda then told her that Brayan called and told her that he would kill her if she did not come back.”

“Amanda told Williams that she was afraid that Brayan would also kill Williams and her family if she stayed with her.”

“Williams said that she knows Amanda well and there was no way she would ever try to kill herself.”

Brayan Espana (alias at that time) is a dangerous, evil man. What does it take Sherman Police Department and Grayson County to get a criminal off the street, especially one that is in this country illegally? Is his life worth more than all the people he terrorized? 

Typing Maranda’s statement infuriates me even more tonight. The detective knew ALL these details before she passed away and he never thought homicide was an option, really?

Our God is a just God… He will make this all right in His time for
good, and I feel truly blessed He is using ME!!

Thank you for reading, liking, commenting and sharing my story 💜

Micah 6:8 NLT

“No, O people, the Lord has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you:
to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.”