Wednesday May 20, 2015
This is the day that Amanda passed away. The process of organ donation is very draining. Everything has to align: donor organ health, type and matching, recipient preparation and availability, transplant staff, and much more. We were at the point of saying enough. The organ harvest was scheduled for that evening. 
In the midst of this, I came across an article about organ donation and autopsies. There is a point that too much damage to the body can interfere with a proper autopsy. Someone from the medical examiner’s office (obviously not ME that did it) had to consult with the harvest team about this issue. Our first concern was preservation of evidence during this time.
Honestly, as I type this I wonder how I made it. I am certain that my strength and determination could only be from God. I really don’t know how I was still functioning after 7 days of this. Losing someone is hard enough but compound that with the police issues and organ donation, it was a lot. Justin was strong (as usual), and helped me through that dark day. 
I’m not exactly sure what time it was, but the OR team came for her because it was time… Everything was in alignment for this moment. One of the OR nurses, Melanie, prayed for us, then they took her. I sat in that empty, quiet ICU room. She was gone…. 
I am so grateful to WNJ Hospital ICU staff, OR staff, and doctors for the kindness they showed us. 
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