Tuesday May 19, 2015
This is a continued post from our May 19 meeting with the lead detective at Sherman police department. 
Before we left the meeting with lead detective and a Sherman police officer, I simply asked, why can’t the death of my sister be looked into something other than suicide? The Detective basically said:
1. There weren’t any witnesses to an attempted homicide. 
  – what about the 2 people she actually talked to that day about the threat of murder from Brayan, and the witness who overheard her say at 5:25 pm that she had to be out by 7 that day when she loaned Amanda her phone to call her friend. 

  – is it only considered suspicious or possible homicide if somebody watches?

  – what about the inconsistent statements from the only person that was in the house with him and Amanda that night at that time? Why did he tell different officers and people different stories about what happened that night? 

I don’t think this witness had anything to do with her death but either he was threatened by Brayan, or was told what to say and can’t keep it straight. What he told officers about timelines and sequence of events that night, to the detective days later, to a next door neighbor the next day, and to me months later are ALL different. 

2. He wouldn’t make his final decision until after the autopsy, and he received the medical examiner’s report. 
  – I plan to cover the autopsy issue in a later post. 

I may never understand why she was treated this way, but I honestly feel she fit a “profile” for a person that is likely to commit suicide, that is NOT fair!!!
The course of justice was perverted when one detective made decisions that altered the course of this investigation. How can Amanda’s case have a fair chance at justice if indeed Brayan did do this?

Thank you for reading, liking, commenting and sharing Amanda’s story 💜