Tuesday May 19, 2015
We had to explain to Amanda’s 13 year old son his mother’s prognosis, and about the option to do organ donation. After praying and talking to Jordan, we decided that this would be an amazing opportunity to save other lives.
I had received my final text message from Brayan on 5/18. He had text me everyday asking about her condition. I made sure to keep it positive so not to let on that she would never wake up. Our final text message before he disconnected his contracted cell phone was–
ME: Amanda is doing better. Just letting you know.
BRAYAN: Thanks God! N thank you for the good news

I never heard from him again.
This was also the day that we met with the lead detective at Sherman Police Department. I was trembling with all kinds of emotions as we waited to be taken to the conference room. The meeting included Justin, me, the lead detective and another Sherman police officer. This officer was not part of the original response or scene investigation, or witnesses questioning to this point. I have yet to know why he was even there except to tell me that, “mam this is not TV CSI like everyone thinks” and “families have a hard time excepting suicide.”
What Justin and I walked into that day still makes me angry and sick. There was an immediate sense that even though we were pouring five days worth of information and concerns out, we were only talking and they had no intentions of listening. Every piece of information that we had collected and shared with him via email, voicemails, and phone conversations didn’t seem to point to possible foul play on Brayan’s part.

Here are a couple examples from that particular meeting:

1. We asked the detective if the active warrant showed up when he ran Brayan’s name in his system. He stated that his records do not cross over to Grayson County, and he would have no way of knowing that.
As stated by Justin before, the responding officer was an acquaintance of his, and he was very aware of domestic violence history and active warrant. Why wouldn’t he have shared that with the detective when he called him?

2. We asked about the “overnight” bag by the front door. He responded that it was her work/lunch bag. The detective said he spoke to co-workers (more than one) and that verified that was the bag she took to work everyday. In his report, he stated he interviewed the HR director about Amanda. The last 3 sentences in his report concerning Royal Case is — “She advised that Amanda walked to work and kept to herself. I asked her if Amanda had any bags with her and she advised that she usually carried a small pink bag with her lunch and other items in it. It should be noted that this is the same bag that Adams and Brayan were talking about being by the door.”
Problems here are that I also spoke to the HR director and that part of the conversation NEVER happened between her and the detective, and the bag in question was an overnight bag that had a hair dryer, straightener, makeup, lotion, bible, pictures of her children, her wallet and some jewelry. He wants to claim she carried this to work everyday for 10 blocks in all weather conditions. Also, Amanda did not work that day, why would it be there? He stated she had no other bags packed to indicate she was leaving. One of the photos he took was a trash bag next to the bed full of her clothes, and a box of trash bags laying next to it on the bed. She did not own a suitcase!!😡
I’ll continue tomorrow with Part 2 of May 19th.
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