Monday May 18, 2015
We were contacted by Southwest Organ Transplant Alliance about donating Amanda’s organs. It was becoming more real that she was not going to wake up. Organ donation was definitely an option; even though we would lose her, the number of lives she could help or save would bring some good out of this tragedy. 
Family, including her son, nieces, nephews and others started to come and say goodbye over the weekend and throughout the week.

We did hear back that the DA okayed an autopsy to be done if and when she passed away. 
Following are some details from this day:
1. Justin emailed the lead detective on her case and requested a meeting since he would not come to the hospital to meet us. In the email, he also restated our concerns and what we had found out so far. 
2. Brayan did not show to work on Monday, May 18 at Starr Aircraft (never did return to work). When we brought this fact up to the detective at a later meeting, he said that it was because of the injuries Brayan sustained during an assault by Amanda’s friends on 5/17. I asked about his medical treatment or a police report to confirm this incident, and was met with the statement, “I just assumed that’s why he wasn’t at work”.
3. On 5/18, the detective spoke with someone at Starr Aircraft. Here’s a quote from the detectives report: “He confirmed that Brayan was at work on 5/14/15 from 0652 until 1709 and did not take a lunch.” There are 2 hours and 5 minutes Brayan has to be accountable for. I plan to go into inconsistent stories of timelines and whereabouts in later post. Each police interview and report had different times, which DO NOT match up with audio interview done by the detective. 
4. Concerning the autopsy, a quote from the detectives report from May 18:
 “Earlier in the (d)ay, I received phone calls from District Attorney Joe Brown, Assistant District Attorney Kerye Ashmore, and Justice of the Peace Larry Atherton. I was advised that they were ordering an autopsy after the family decides when to take Amanda off life support. The body will be taken to Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences for the autopsy.”

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I am so passionate about this, and am trying not to get ahead of myself with facts. Tomorrow’s post will be about the first time we were able to meet with anyone personally from Sherman police department since the night Amanda was “found” by Brayan.
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“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are”

~Benjamin Franklin