Sunday May 17, 2015
There was no improvement in Amanda’s condition. Neurologist explained that the damage to her brain was irreversible, and we needed to make some decisions regarding discontinuing life support. Before today she had been breathing some above the ventilator but now she was completely dependent on it for life. 
There were many people coming into the ICU to see her. I heard many stories of the abuse she endured by coworkers, friends and family. My heart broke that she never realized her worth, and how God loved her; And at the same time seeing her rest peacefully for the first time in years was almost a relief. 

That Sunday, the following things happened:
1. Amanda’s friend Amber came by to see her at the hospital. She was adamant that this was not a suicide attempt and that Brayan did this to her. She said that Brayan put his hands around Amanda’s neck all the time and she was scared he wouldn’t let go. 
2. We finally heard back from the lead detective. I told him what I knew thus far and gave him Amber’s phone number hoping he would listen to her story.  
Here are just two direct quotes from detectives report about that conversation:

   -“On 5-14-15, she received call from her about 1715 hours asking her to come get her. Amanda told Brinlee that Espana put his hands around her neck one too many times. He told her to be out of the house by 7. I’m tired and I can’t take this any longer. If he chokes me again, he will probably kill me.”

  -“she begged me to investigate the case as a homicide because she believes that Espana strangled Amanda based on that phone call.”

3. The neighbor that loaned Amanda her phone came to hospital to check on her, and said she used her phone around 530. She overheard a conversation that she had to be out by 7. 
She asked Amanda what the bruise was from on her chest and she said she had been used as a punching bag. 

She also told us that another man that lived in the house with Brayan and Amanda helped him take her down. (I’ll cover that witness inconsistent story in a later post. Different story each time he was interviewed).

4. Amber and 2 other women went by Amanda’s house to see Brayan when they left the hospital. He tried to explain what happened. One thing He told Amber is that Amanda had fallen off a ladder while changing a lightbulb and got the bruise on her chest. 
5. After Amber left the house, a neighbor saw Brayan walk out of the house with an envelope under is arm, get into his car and drive away. No one has seen him since then. We found out a few days later, he left EVERYTHING behind — clothes, shoes, family photos, toiletries, computer, letters from family in Guatemala, etc… According to police, that’s not suspicious behavior. 
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