Saturday May 16, 2015

After learning that Amanda had a plan to leave Brayan on Thursday, I believed he had something to do with her grave condition. She continued to deteriorate over the weekend and we feared that unless we could get the detective to hear our concerns that an autopsy would not be ordered because of it being treated as a “suicide”. We were told that we would be responsible for the cost. 
Additional facts from that day:
1. I allowed Brayan to come and see Amanda while in ICU in hopes he would not suspect that we suspected him. I recorded (legal in Texas) the conversation and listened to his absurd account of the event.

2. Brayan said her pink overnight bag was downstairs when he got home. 
3. He saw her sitting in the window when he got home. 
4. There was no note 
5. An ICU doctor spoke to JP about our concerns in hopes to get an autopsy ordered. He was told no autopsy would be ordered because of past history of depression, alcohol and possible prior attempt with medication. 
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