Saturday May 16, 2015

On September 15 2015, I received copies of open record file (not considered closed at this point). Reading through it infuriated me even more. The detective had so many witnesses come forward and tell stories of torture, violence and abuse over the past year by Brayan. Including choking on many instances 😡!!!
Here are some statements from the lead detective’s report from 5/16/15:
1. “On 5/16/15, I started receiving emails that Kim and Justin Mullins wanted to talk to me and believed that Amanda’s suicide was a homicide.”
2. “I also received a call from Justice of the Peace Atherton inquiring about the case because he was asked by the family to order an autopsy. I told him what I learned thus far. He advised that he was not ordering an autopsy at this time because the family still had Amanda on life support”.
If he received my emails that Saturday about my concerns, why didn’t he call us or come back to the hospital?
He spoke to JP on Saturday, why didn’t he call one of us or someone at the hospital, and come back to the hospital to talk to us about our concerns?

He stated that an autopsy would not be ordered at this time because of life support, but he told us it’s because the detective explained Amanda’s past history of substance abuse, depression, hospitalizations, and possible prior attempt. The JP told me and the ICU physician there would be no autopsy because of past history. 

I realize I covered this last night, and an autopsy was eventually ordered on Monday, May 18th after we begged the DA over the weekend, but I just want to be clear that we felt the detective had his mind made up at this point on the ruling of Amanda’s case. I feel like he made assumptions and did not seriously look at circumstances and threats of murder that day!!