Saturday May 16, 2015

This was a profound day of discovery and enlightenment, so it will take a day or two. 
I spent the night praying for Amanda in the chapel and at her bedside. I could not understand why she felt desperate enough to take her life. She had been doing so well at work and saving money to get her own place. The love she had for her boys kept her going in some really dark times. 
I questioned my own part–why didn’t I pick up the phone that day? If I had of, she would have been able to tell me she needed help…. 

Then facts began to surface that day, my focus shifted from Amanda trying to take her life, to it being squeezed out of her by the man she lived with. 

What we learned that day:
1. Amanda’s neck collar was removed when X-rays showed there was no fractures in her neck. The amount of trauma and marks on her neck DID NOT match up with what the detective and boyfriend said happened. The extent of the injuries do not line up with someone “sitting on their knees”, leaning forward and passing out. (I will go address this in a later post). This was the detectives description of how it happened. She had deep tissue bruising on both sides of the lower neck and multiple lines encircling. 

2. I spoke to her friend Amber and she told me that she spoke with Amanda twice that day. She was scared to death and desperate to find a place to go. Brayan told her he would choke and kill her if she was not out by 7 pm. She said that he had been choking her a lot lately and scared he wouldn’t let go next time. They spoke that morning about needing a ride, and again at 5:24 pm when Amanda used a neighbors phone. 
Amber told her it would be better to come on Friday after she got paid, but would come that day if he would not allow it. Amanda was supposed to ask Brayan about staying one more night and call Amber back. SHE NEVER DID. 

3. Amanda’s blood alcohol was 384. A normal person would most likely be in a coma. She was most likely passed out, but I definitely question if she would have had gross or fine motor coordination to cut an electrical cord, tie TWO separate knots to a clothes rod, and twist herself one time in the loop and not fall out. (Hope that makes sense)! Those specific details were not disclosed to us at this time; only after we filed for an open record. We just knew her blood alcohol level on admission to ER.
4. We were unable to reach the detective at all on Saturday. We called the Sherman PD and was told by the operator that he would not be back into his office until Monday. She would not call him or transfer to his cell phone. We left several voicemails on his office phone. The ICU doctor and house supervisor even called the police department on our behalf but was met with same “he will be back in his office on Monday”. NOT ONCE DID HE COME BACK TO THE HOSPITAL TO FOLLOW UP WITH US EVEN AFTER WE HAD CONCERNS AND QUESTIONS. We had to go to his office and meet. 
I will continue with Day 3 facts on tomorrow’s post. 
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