Friday May 15, 2015

Amanda had no improvement in her mental status or brain function over the next 24 hours. She had lost all of her brain stem reflexes. The brain continued to swell. Neurologist explained to us what anoxic brain injury and death meant. Basically, your brain relies on oxygen, carried through your blood, to fuel its activity. When the oxygen supply to the brain is insufficient for four minutes or longer, brain injury can result. Brain cells will die and permanent anoxic brain injury results after just five minutes. Her airway could have been restricted for less than 5 minutes and resulted in the type of brain injury she suffered from. 

Some facts from the second day were:
1. Amanda also called her ex-husband and asked for her friend, Ambers phone number that day. Dustin said Amanda needed to get in touch with Amber to come get her. That she and Brayan had got into a fight Wednesday night, and he told her to be out of the house by 7:00 pm;
2. Amanda was still in a neck collar, so we were unable to see the injuries to her neck. What was visible was an old bruise in the shape of a fist on her chest. We later found out she had told a neighbor the day she was found that she was “used as a punching bag” on Mother’s Day; 
3. Brayan kept texting and asking about her condition;
4. During a conversation with Brayan, he tried to explain to me what happened. One thing that bothered me the most was that he said she had a overnight bag downstairs by the front door in the common area. He thought that was unusual, which he stated in his statement to the police and a recorded conversation between he and myself. 
I plan to make daily post to reveal facts about Amanda’s case. Thank you for reading, commenting and/or sharing.