Thursday May 14, 2015

I received a phone call from Amanda’s live-in boyfriend stating that she had been taken to the hospital. He told me he found her and did CPR. We were 2 hours away at a softball game with my daughter and Amanda’s son. That ride to Sherman Texas, with all the unknowns, was beyond difficult. 
What we did know was the following:
1. Amanda called both Justin and I that morning between 10-11 from an unknown phone number to get her friend Ambers phone number. Justin spoke to her, but she left me a message. When I tried to call back around 11:30, she texted and said she got the number and tell her son she would call him later that night.  
2. Her illegal immigrant live-in found her and tried to resuscitate her prior to calling 911. He stated she had “opened her eyes” and “moved in his arms” before ambulance arrived;
3. She was transported to hospital around 7:25 pm, and was in critical condition;
4. The responding officer was an acquaintance of my husband, and knew about the domestic violence history. He and my husband had discussed the continuous abuse, as well as an outstanding warrant for a domestic violence charge/arrest that involved a brutal beating of Amanda on 8/28/2014.
My husband spoke to this officer during the drive to Sherman, he updated us on her condition, as well as contacted a detective to get involved because he knew the history from family complaints;

5. After arriving at the hospital, we were taken into a room to be interviewed by the detective prior to being able to see Amanda. He told us the “live-in’s” version of events, saying she was found hanging in the closet when he got home from work. He asked us questions about her mental state and previous history. We told him she suffered from depression and alcoholism. We also emphasized the abuse she endured, the live-ins immigration status, & the outstanding warrant. Our answers and statements were misquoted in the detectives report. I’ll go into further detail in later posts. He left us his card and told us to call if we had anymore information;
6. While entering the ICU, we were told by nursing staff that her boyfriend and friends were at her bedside. He had told staff that she had no family; they had locked her up in a mental hospital and took away her kids. He also told them that a bruise on her chest was from his CPR attempt, when in fact he had hit her the week before on Mother’s Day for spending time with her two boys. We asked that he be removed from her room. Several Mexican men left her room with him. 
The rest of the evening was a blur. After walking into her room and seeing her on a ventilator with a neck collar, reality hit that I may loose her.