Amanda’s Story – July 21, 2016

Over the months following Amanda’s hospitalization and death, Justin and I met, called, and emailed as many people, both law enforcement officials and supporters, as we could in hopes that someone would hear our concerns and at least call for a proper investigation into her death. Individuals we spoke with OUTSIDE the Sherman law enforcement system said we had legitimate questions and deserved answers, while those INSIDE said there was not enough circumstances to warrant any suspicion of foul play and POSSIBLE homicide. They stood beside each other, no matter how many witnesses came forward and concerns were presented to them. From the DA’s office, Medical examiner, and the assistant chief of police, we were shut down.

Our first meeting with an assistant DA gave us some hope because he seemed genuinely concerned with our questions and information we had thus far. He said he would look into it with the DA and get back to us. In the follow up meeting there was a different attitude. He told us that their office has to trust the investigators and their job; that they have to work with Sherman PD every day and they just can’t go over and tell them how to conduct an investigation; there was not enough evidence to file charges and get a conviction; but promised that they would prosecute to the fullest on the current domestic violence charge when brought to court. He also consulted with the Texas Rangers.

The meeting with the assistant chief of police in September was just as fruitless. I walked in with a 5 foot electrical cord and asked him to tell me how that thick cord wrapped once (NOT TIED) around her neck caused all the trauma from someone SITTING on their knees, as well as how a man can BREAK this electrical cord physically with his bare hands and make it look like a clean cut, which was his testimony and noted in several of the police reports, and is also what he told me personally the day after it happened. I would also like to mention the cord had two loose knots tied to the clothes rod, why didn’t he just untie that and how can those two loose knots support her weight enough to cause so much trauma? Remember there were various levels of marks, upper and lower, with deep tissue bruising on the muscles on the front and back of her lower neck, as well as laceration marks along the bottom and up the sides of her neck. Another question was to the fact that he got in his car three days later and drove away leaving EVERYTHING but an envelope (witness statement), he said it’s common because he’s illegal and doesn’t want any attention brought to himself. Following that meeting in September, he promised to look into the case and asked me to email all the photos I took after the incident since the detective only took 3. I complied and he said he would get back to me in 2-3 weeks after getting with the medical examiner about our concerns. In January, I emailed him two times for a follow up….NO RESPONSE. I got a final copy of the police report and that’s where I read his thoughts. I’ll address that in future posts.

From Amanda’s death in May until September 2015, we were in the dark about exact details of the investigation. We were told facts through the lead detective’s mouth, and had to imagine how and what happened on May 14, 2015. That scene he created made no sense, but after receiving a copy of the open records and all the evidence pictures and statements NOTHING made sense. I was even more convinced that something was not right. I combed through every picture; read every report and statement; and listened (and relistened) to every audio and video interview conducted. In future posts, I plan to go statement by statement and bring attention to inconsistencies and false statements in the detectives report and Brayan’s account of the incident. Timeline inconsistencies, on-scene witnesses account of events, misquotes from interviewees to the detective’s report, ligature type and how it was used, etc. will be addressed.

Thank you for reading, liking, commenting and sharing Amanda’s story.