We held a memorial service for Amanda on May 29, nine days after she passed away. We wanted to wait to ensure a second autopsy would not be necessary. The medical examiner’s office received all the pictures and information we had sent of Amanda, and they were logged into her case file for further evaluation. We proceeded with her cremation on June 2; I waited as long as possible, but they would not do a second autopsy with all the physical and circumstantial evidence presented by us and available evidence at Sherman Police Department.

Tonight, my post will focus on a follow up meeting we had with the lead detective at Sherman PD. We had a detailed list of questions for him and recorded his answers. Following are some of those:

  1. Were photographs taken of the house, front porch, and the questionable bag? Asked him to describe the bag and he responded
    1. it was like a small overnight case
    2. contents were not inventoried, but Justin and I did…and we informed him that the bag contained makeup, hair supplies, bible, wallet, kids pictures, blow dryer.
    3. He informed us that upon investigation of that “overnight case” because it has been brought into question, he talked to people at royal case where she worked and “they” said she brings that bag to work with her “everyday” with her lunch and has all her stuff in it.
      • Well, for one, the HR director denied being asked that question and he did not interview any other employees at Royal Case. She stated that Amanda usually carried a stringed back pack if anything;
      • she didn’t work that day, so why would her lunch bag be out downstairs as if she did;
      • She  walked approximately 10 blocks to work, did she really haul all that stuff to work with her?;
      • Brayan and the roommate made a point to say that they thought it was odd her overnight bag was downstairs when they got home from work.
    4. He made the statement that the overnight bag was only thing packed, no other bags were. I would like to say that in his own crime scene photos I discovered a trash bag full of her  clothes next to the bed. That’s how she traveled, she did not own a suitcase
  2. At the scene, was pictures taken of Brayan to show he had no wounds inflicted by Amanda if she was able to fight back? Yes, Brayan’s hands and arms were photographed. Did he have any scratches or wounds? NO.  We had no reason to disagree with him at this point, but after receiving the open records in September 2015, before the case was officially closed, we discovered that there were no photos of Brayan in police evidence photos. Also, he was the ONLY witness not recorded by video. His statement given to the lead detective was audio. Why was his only statement an audio statement and only questioned once? Two other witnesses were video interviewed, and interviewed twice.
  3. Was Brayan’s police record checked at time? Was domestic violence arrest and warrant seen? Yes it was checked but his system does not cross over with Grayson County, so he had no way of knowing about the charges and warrant.
  4. Was Brayan’s work checked to see when he clocked out? Yes, he clocked out at 5:09pm
  5. By 5/17/15, 2-3 days after the incident, Brayan’s phone is off and he has not been seen since, is that normal behavior if someone is innocent? Made comment that you can’t just put innocent people in jail without reason. Don’t know why he would do that.
  6. Did David help Brayan take Amanda down? He said NO. A witness and myself spoke to David and he told us a completely different story than to the detective. Detective did not know why.
  7. How can this only be looked at as a suicide and not a homicide? “we had no indications that it was a homicide” and “can’t do an autopsy on a live person”
  8. We brought up questions about past choking incidents as told to us by multiple witnesses. He responded that he had heard some of that but some of the information was new to him.
  9. Did the ligature or cord go with her to the ME’s office? No, he stated he talked to them on the phone about it and described the cord and told them what it was, and he states that the ME’s office said ok, if we need it we will call or request pictures of it.
    1. Reminder that we spoke to the ME’s office, the specific doctor that did the autopsy, on May 22, and she denied this
  10. I asked if they had the ligature with the knot still it in? I wanted to know exactly how it was done. I had researched on hanging deaths, and from extensive research, it is a very complicated and complex way to take one’s own life. Remember she had a blood alcohol of 384, and deep muscle bruising on the front and back muscles of her lower neck as well as various levels of bruised and abrasive marks. At the time of the meeting, we didn’t know anything specific about the ligature, knots, or anything. Here is what I was told that day: She laid the cord over her shoulders, criss-crossed it, and tied THE knot (there were actually two separate knots tied to the clothes rod about 12-16″ apart, not ONE). He explained that as her body weight went down (remember she was resting on her knees), it acted like a pinch collar and tightens up as the body goes down, and explained a lateral vascular choke-hold and that’s how it happened.

These were the highlights of our interview with the detective. It was the last time he would meet with us personally. I just cannot accept the fact that there is NO INDICATION of homicide, only suicide. I’ll say that over and over. Too much happened in that 24 hour period, I just want someone to answer why can’t this be considered foul play, and what is it called when police, DA’s office and ME won’t answer our questions? What does it mean when there are lies on an official police document? This is an injustice in my eyes!!!

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