We found out that another man that also lived in the house worked in the medical field at a local hospital. I messaged him on Facebook and asked about getting in touch with the owner/landlord of the house. We made arrangements to get Amanda’s things from the house. When we arrived, the landlord asked us if we also wanted Brayan’s things. Everything he owned was still there, and had been bagged up by landlord. There was electronics, old cell phones, clothes, shoes, toiletries, family bible, illegal immigration documents, letters from family in Guatemala, family photos, SIM cards, notebooks, etc… We took what the landlord gave us. We photographed the room, and loaded everything, both Brayan’s and Amanda’s things, up in the truck. We spent several days going through each piece trying to figure out where he might be or if he had done this to someone before.

This is the email I sent to the detective on 5/24/15:

“Wanted to update you. As of Tuesday, Brayan has disconnected his phone. We went to get Amanda’s things from house on Lamar st. He has not been there since Sunday and he left all his things, clothes and personal belongings. Amanda’s bank card is missing from her wallet. She has phone numbers written inside of people she was trying to contact that day and the phone # she was calling people from with a name of Sam written on it.
Family photos, false immigration cards, and letters he’s had for years are now in our possession.”

This is a quote from the detective’s police report:

“I received an email from Kimberly Mullens dated 05/24/15. In her email she advised that Brayan had disconnected his phone and they went to (address) to get Amanda’s property and Brayan had moved out and left property at the residence. She said that they took his family photos, false immigration card and personal letters.”

Seems like only parts of my email made it in his report.

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