Amanda’s story ~ Week 2 (Part 1)

After Amanda passed away Wednesday night, I emailed the detective and informed him she died. His response was “Sorry to hear that”…. The only kind words I heard from him all week.

We waited anxiously for the autopsy results, feeling sure that it would prove our point that this COULD be a strangulation staged as a suicide. Since friends, family, and medical staff concerns and statements made no difference, we were hopeful that forensic science might.

I received a call from the funeral home Friday, May 22. They informed us that Amanda was there and we needed to come in and make arrangements. I was trembling, wondering what IF I had been wrong and science proved that, and at the same time, what IF I’m right and she had been murdered and science proved it. I didn’t want to hear either, so I asked justin to call funeral director and see what ME reported.

Justin called me and said initial report is suicide. I was driving and had to pull over because I collapsed with pure exhaustion. All I could say to him was “I didn’t understand, call them because I want answers!” Justin was waiting outside the funeral home for me when I finally arrived. We tried to make arrangements but did not want to proceed with cremation in case a second autopsy had to be done.

We insisted on talking to the ME personally, and he had to get approval from the JP for the medical examiner to speak with us. We finally got her on the phone before noon on 5/22/15 and asked her the following questions:
Q1. How is it determined that an incident is hanging versus strangulation?

A1. There were no defense wounds on her neck (own fingernail marks) from fighting back and trying to remove the ligature during a strangulation.

A2. The hyoid bone was not fractured.

Q2. Were any of the circumstances considered in the ruling?

A1. The only information they had when Amanda arrived in their facility was possible suicide by hanging. NO OTHER EVIDENCE, POLICE REPORTS, PHOTOS OF AMANDA 7 DAYS BEFORE, CRIME SCENE PHOTOS, WITNESS STATEMENTS, LAB WORK RESULTS (blood alcohol), DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HISTORY, TYPE OF LIGATURE, NOTHING was known at the time of the autopsy.

We were told by the detective that he didn’t know why she would say that because he spoke “extensively to her prior to autopsy” and made it known that everything was available if needed. He did note in his report that he spoke to SWIFS, “At 1445 hours, I spoke with medical examiner Dr. Jill Urban. I discussed in detail the investigation and she advised that based on this information provided and her autopsy that her official ruling was “a suicide”. My problems here are:
1. That was 5/21/15 (Thursday) at 1445. We spoke to same doctor on 5/22/15 at noon. She stated she knew nothing about Amanda except rule out suicide by hanging.
2. Her autopsy report states she did the autopsy on 5/21/15 at 1000 am (4 hours and 45 minutes prior to speaking to the detective about his investigation). How can it be a thorough exam without any evidence, like the actual or photos of the ligature, photos of Amanda the day it happened, or crime scene photos of the room and how the ligature was tied and where? She didn’t even know what was used to hang her. The witness in the house that night told of a different type of ligature used when he helped “take her down”.

I don’t feel like a fair, unbiased autopsy was done. We had a lot of questions and still no answers after begging for it to be done. We did email the ME all of our photos we took as well as police records for Brayan’s history of DV, and what all the witnesses came forward and told us and the police. I’ll continue tomorrow with further details about this issue and other revelations from this week.

Thank you for reading, liking, commenting and/or sharing my story of injustice.